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Newsgroup Service

Have you ever thought about adding a newsgroup to your site?

What are Newsgroups?
Newsgroups are similar to message boards however the unique thing about them are they are shared across the entire web. Everyone can participate in the discussions whether they are using Outlook Express to view and post their messages or is the same thing. Hundreds of websites are now adding newsgroups capabilities into their websites and allowing their visitors to read and post without ever having to leave their site.

Explore the benefits

  1. Self advertising. By allowing your visitors to post messages from your site you will be able to place your site's signature at the end of every message that goes out. That 1 message is distributed to thousands of newsgroup servers across the internet making your signature viewable by millions of viewers. It will be viewable on Google, Outlook express and hundreds of other sites on the net. This is a great way for the world to know the post came from your website. Plus it's a great way to advertise!


  2. Adds value to your site. Adding new features to your site adds value. Your visitors will love the addition of one or more newsgroups so they can take part in the thousands of discussions already taking place. No matter what the site, there is usually a newsgroup that fits your audience. We have over a 100,000 newsgroups topics to choose from.

  3. Keeps your site fresh with new, live content. Nothing pleases your visitors more than seeing new content on your site when they return. By adding a newsgroup it will make your site live with new content and is updated every 3 minutes!


There are NO server requirements or configuration needed. Any website hosted on any server can display our newsgroups. With just one line of HTML code you can start enjoying newsgroups on your site.

Just a few of our customers... - Devdex started using our services during our beta testing phase with only 10 newsgroups and has already doubled its page views and unique visitors to its site. Now they have signed up for over 75 newsgroups and serve to over 600,000 unique visitors each month!

"The hits we receive from Usenet alone are well worth the monthly service fees. Signature advertising is an ingenious way to drive traffic to a site. - Developersdex Team"

FREE Trial
See how easy it is to put a newsgroup on your site. Just 1 line of code is needed and we do all the rest. For pricing click here.

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