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Standardize and Validate US Mailing Addresses

This tool standardizes addresses so they follow proper USPS Postal Service format. Use it in your existing ASP and ASP.NET applications. We have created this test page to demonstrate all the different ways this script can validate addresses.

Enter a partial address below and the script will correct, validate and standardize it. Or use one of our examples below. The examples below contain many common errors, mistakes or incomplete information found in many addresses. Click on the Validate link to autofill the form fields with the example.

Example 1 4502 jfK
fOrt Collens, CO
Validate this example Try it!
Example 2 701 Teraview Circle
Building A
Loveland 80525
Validate this example   
Example 3 1612 College # J
frt. collins
Validate this example   



This script was written by Shawn Jackson. If you would like to learn about how you can integrate this tool into your web applications contact Shawn for a quote.



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